I'm Jake Wesley, Graphic and Web Designer based in Philadelphia, PA

Currently, hold an Associate of Fine Arts  in Graphic Design from Bucks County Community College.  Working towards a Bachelor of Design in Graphic and Interactive Design at Millersville University. Possess 3 computer certifications. Strong Design skills. Very good understanding of Electronics and Computers. Creative team player possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills with effective time management.

"I fell in love with Graphic Design when I was a small child when I first picked up a paintbrush and computer. I saved up to buy my very own computer and art supplies"

Was diagnosed with a rare condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at the age of 3. Duchenne is a progressive muscle-wasting disease. As my disability has progressed design helped me truly express myself. I use my creativity so others see what goes through others' eyes. To see how they see things differently from different perspectives. I create content that is a reflection of real-life experiences. Graphic and Web Design is a recent pursuit of mine, and it opened my eyes and made me decide that is what I want to do and I want it to be my full-time job. I like to build for the web and make things pretty.

Collage and abstract art simply describe my designs because there are no limits to those methods, whether it is the hand-drawn line, silly characters, or font choices. My ambition is to make a difference and to create effective designs that leave its mark. All of my work is achieved by the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud software. I am also familiar with most design programs as well as traditional tools and media. My work consists of Logo Design, Web Design, Layout and typography, and UI/UX Design.

I hope you enjoy my reflections on my journey as a graphic Designer…



Graphic Design
UX/UI Design
Web Design
Adobe Creative Cloud®



Graphic Design Intern
June 2021 — Sep 2021
Freelance Designer
Graphic/Web Designer
Dec 2021 — Present



Bucks County
Community College
A.F.A in Graphic Design
Aug 2018 — Dec 2021
Millersville University
B.Des in Graphic and
Interactive Design
January 2024 — Present